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~ Sunday, January 20, 2002
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Yesterday I went to my cousins' (Leo, Melissa, Aunt and my Uncle) new house they moved in to on Friday. It looks like it was built somewhere in the 1930's or something. The bathroom is SCARY!!! It has this antique like bathtub that everyone's too scared to touch. It has a really old fashioned sink. And the toilet is even worse. It's small and it has a pipe going up to a flushing thingy that's about a metre away from the actual toilet seat. Then there's a chain at the side to flush the toilet with o_0; !! It looks really old too...ick...the only thing in that bathroom that doesn't bother me is the shower. The house isn't as scary as it could be because it's been partially refurnished on the inside. Worst thing is that there's an attic. The attic also has a large bag there somewhere. Nobody wants to touch it so we just left it there. There are three trapdoors in the ceiling leading to the attic. First I knew of was in the hallway. The second one I saw was in the kitchen. The last one I found in one of the bedrooms. SCARY!! AAAAAAHHHH!! I'm never going to their house again. They even have this old antique mirror there!! There's a big backyard that my Uncle's going to build a VERY large house on. I heard that my uncle found a basement too. Because my uncle could see light beneath the floor boards so the next day, he and his friend, Sam (he's a builder), went down there to have a look. He never told me what they found down there. Oh well, I'm just never going to go back there. They even have a really old fashioned fireplace. It's really, really dirty too. Doesn't look like anybody's used it in ages. AGES!! I'M fREAkIN oUt hERE!!! Can't believe I'm freaking myself out. Anyway, we played soccer outside in the backyard for quite a while. At least we didn't play with waterguns, otherwise I would've gotten wet. Too bad, it's still so boring now. NOTHING TO DO!! This just really stinks.
~ Saturday, January 19, 2002
I had a pretty good sleep today! I'm not sure what time I went to sleep though. I was waiting for my download to finish so I just lay down and fell asleep! When I woke up about half an hour later my download still wasn't finished!!! So I just went to sleep and I woke up at about 8am this morning. I couldn't get to sleep so I got up to check my downloads and then I went back to sleep (a lot of sleeping in this paragraph). At about 11:30 it started raining really, really hard (as if a section of the sea just fell out of the sky) and it woke me up so I decided to actually get up this time.

It's so boring now...there's absolutely nothing to do. Our homestays are coming back from Taiwan tomorrow. Hooray. Not good enough eh? HOORAY!!! Nah, not really happy. Oh well, nobody's online!! SOMEBODY GET ONLINE IF YOU EVER WANT TO LIVE AGAIN!!!! Oh, there we go!! Haha!!
~ Friday, January 18, 2002
So...Darian's gone. He should still be on the plane but I'm not sure how many hours it takes to get from New Zealand to Australia!! We said goodbye and then he left. Told me to have a great year and have fun!! Well, I got my sleep but I only slept for about 2 or 3 hours. It just feels weird not having him around. He left lots of stuff here too (on purpose of course, he's not stupid) and it's gonna be really fun when he comes back again!! ^_^ I probably won't talk to him in a while since he doesn't know if his computer's set up or not so...yeah. Might as well anyway, I've got school starting soon. Why do I keep mentioning that!? He may be annoying and a 'black spot' in my 'perfect little world' but I still miss him...HEAR THAT!!?? I MISS YA! Happy? I doubt it. Ah well, now instead of a 'black spot' I have a 'black hole'. ARGH!!! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO MENTION THAT SCHOOL'S STARTING SOON!! This is getting really annoying! Hey Darian, sorry if I seemed a little cold this morning...and if you really wanna know...it WAS Andrew Kemp. Sorry for lying to ya...but I had to. I might have to keep more things to myself if I don't want to hurt my friends. So...yeah. Have fun! GOOD LUCK! Oh yeah, when u come back, DON'T BRING ONE OF YOUR AUSSIE CHICKS!!! No where to put her! Come back soon!
I'm SO sleepy. Darian's already asleep. We stayed up all morning until about 7am. Then he went to sleep. I didn't though. So I haven't slept for at least a day. I intend to stay awake until he leaves for the airport though. Then after he leaves I'll go to sleep until about 11pm. Then I'll be totally nocturnal!! Haha, school's starting in a week and a half and I'm starting to be a nocturnal, high psycho. Anyway, we were up through midnight doing absolutely nothing. Well, I was doing absolutely nothing, he was packing. I hope that he remembers that he's leaving in about 2 hours and still hasn't finished packing yet. Who cares. This house is going to feel so empty. But our homestays are coming back from Taiwan soon so there'll be a lot of running around upstairs and a lot of fighting. Actually, the truth is that I hate it!!! I just can't stand it. It's not that it's annoying, just that I don't like loud noises in the morning, especially a school morning. But no. Every morning I just HAVE to hear that booming sound upstairs!!! Anyway, at least now we won't have an idiot walking around somewhere in the city when it's all dark and everyone's almost totally asleep. Haha...my brother got so mad at Darian when he called for a ride home and my brother was actually sleeping!! Darian drank so much coffee...and yet he can still cling to his pillow and sleep. Weird...far...oh well. I wanted to sleep right now but, as I said, I intend to stay awake until he leaves for the airport. Now he just came over and said that he wants to sleep on my bed...sad guy!!

I put another new section in my website today at 1am. The longer my website is on my computer, the more I want to put on it! Anyway, I scanned some photos I got yesterday of my Form 2 camp at Totara Springs last year. None of them have me in it. I think I look better now than I ever did. But I still look really, really UGLY!! Ah, who gives!? My parents keep telling me to eat more because they think I've lost weight. No way!!! I don't think so!! I look worse than I was before!! My hair's better, true, but nothing else is! And even if I did lose 1 gram of weight, I think I'll keep it off!!
I'm sitting here doing nothing at 1:45am. Actually, I'm waiting for my download of 'Kodomo no Omocha - Episode 91' to finish so I can watch it ^_^!! Darian's leaving today at 11:30am...I'm gonna miss his jokes and stuff but other than that, I'd LUV to go to the airport and cheer him on! "Go gO GO!!!!!" Haha....I'm being a little mean here but he did try to kill me about 10 times and I've mentioned it quite a few times in my blog too. My brother went somewhere today so he got the photos I took at camp done too! They're not very good but they're visible! I've scanned about 19 photos into my computer! None of them are of me though >_< !!! I hate having my photo taken because I think I look better in person than in some stupid picture. Anyway, most of the pictures are of a guy, so Darian tries to find out who it is by taking my school yearbook! Luckily I hid the 2001 version! Haha!!! He says I like that person but the best thing is that he doesn't know who he is!! SHAME!! Anyway...I was gonna type something...um...oh well...forgot! Oh yeah!! Now I remember! It's that...... >_<.......SCHOOL'S GONNA START IN A WEEK AND A HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting HIGH SCHOOL!! Don't PaNiC! CaLm DowN...gEnki Da SHi....genKi da Shi....genki da shi!!!! YAY!! I can see most of my friends again!!! ^_^
~ Thursday, January 17, 2002
There' s gonna be a point in the year where I won't be able to update very much because I'll be studying Japanese and a little bit of French, German, Italian and also fixing up my Chinese. Weird huh?? No, I'm not trying to be a stupid smartass. I need the French, German and Italian for my Piano Theory. Japanese is my language choice in High School. Chinese...well...I'm just sick of reading comics and only understanding half of the sentence, or being able to read the word without knowing what it means. Or reading the word using the term...>_<; So...I'm still downloading Kodomo no Omocha episodes...almost through all the episodes available...man, they're eating all my disk space. I don't have very much....just 10gb and it's filled with images, games, MP3's, anime episodes and movies I downloaded off the net. And XP already takes up enough of my space! Far...but my parents are going to double my space soon...so I think I'll download more MP3's then! Haha...I've gone a bit nuts lately...o_0; Ok, ok...calm down...type to yourself because nobody's reading this...! I was gonna say something...oh yeah! My friend on ICQ, Sarah, is getting hosted at Whispering Wind! Uh...I just realised that it was the second thing I was going to say...! What I was going to say was that I've found my FAVOURITE site!!! It's got the manga series of Ayashi no Ceres!!! I LOVE THAT SERIES SO MUCH!!! IT'S SO AWESOME!! And it's translated into english too!!!! The URL is...um...http://stickrezo.com/manga/!! I found it from my brother's computer!! Haha!!!!! Since you can't hear me I'll just tell you that the laugh sounded pretty evil...why does everyone say that I'm evil???
~ Tuesday, January 15, 2002
Couldn't put up my last entry because Darian was looking over my shoulder o_0; My mother's talking about my friends again. Telling me not to be friends with them...I can't believe her. She'd rather me have no friends that have those ones. Sad bitch man...far..now I'm all depressed. Not because she told me off or anything but because I can't defend my friends. What kind of friend am I when I can't defend my own friends? She'd rather me have no friends...I'd rather not have a mother. She can't see that most things my friends say are influenced by me. It's just that my friends DARE to gossip while my parents are around. None of my mother's friends or their children dare to but mine do. So what? They're good people because they're good friends. She said to make friends that help their younger siblings, work, study and don't go and party. Just because most of my friends don't have younger siblings doesn't mean they wouldn't look after them. And even if they didn't treat them well it'd probably be because they have other siblings that do the same. Work...WORK??? WE'RE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO WORK STUPID BITCH! Study??? Just because people pass exams doesn't mean that they study all the time! AND HOW WOULD ANYONE KNOW HOW MUCH PEOPLE PARTY!!!!!???? Far...she keeps saying stuff like "I don't like this person because of their size" or "I don't like this person's voice" or "I don't like the way they dress" or my personal favourite, "I don't like them because they're ugly". Luckily, I'm the opposite of her...hopefully...because I'll commit suicide if I'm not. She's the one that says "Don't judge people by their looks" and what's she doing? Do I really need to say? Anyway, what I think she's basically saying by all that "I don't like..." crap is that she hates my brother and me. Man, I need to get a job when I'm 16 so I can move out. And then save money so I can go overseas. My life ambition is to survive my parents. And to find true love of course! In Japanese, the words I love most are "Genki da shi!"
~ Friday, January 11, 2002
Well, I got episodes 66 and 67 for Kodocha...I cried so much that there's a pond in the middle of my room!! I'm working on my new comic called 'Celestial Star'. I'm not going to say what it's about but I'm working hard on the story (which isn't even finished...>_< My head hurts so badly that I think I'm gonna vomit. I need sleep...yesterday, just before I went to bed, I added a 'Coming Soon' section to my site.

Ok, the vet just called and asked if we wanted to keep nursing our dog at home or let her nurse him...we're not professionals so of course we asked her to do it for us! Here's the thing, our dog's just too healthy. So healthy that all the red blood cells ate each other and there aren't any (or very many) left. So what they had to do was get him a blood transfusion. So now he's at home lying there, not moving, hardly drinking or eating. Everytime he gets up and moves he starts shaking. The vet said that she can try another blood transfusion but his chances are very low. Actually, that's my aunty's dog. I remember the day she bought that dog...I picked him out! She had to go to Taiwan to get treatment for cancer (but she's fine now) so she left him in our care. We treat him the same, if not better, than our own dog. My aunty's been calling a lot lately. I don't know what's going on very much because it's mostly my brother talking to the vet. He's in the city now and my parents don't understand english so I had to talk to the vet. She says that there's nothing much she can do right now. I can't believe it. Darian keeps saying that vet's are full of bulls***. I know that it's mostly not true.

That just reminded me that Darian still has my cushion!! It's like a set with my blanket and pillow case. ARGH! It's because our family dog, Allie, was sleeping on his pillow. He thought it'd be mean to chase her off so he asked me if he could borrow my cushion. When he got back to my brother's room, the dog had left! Now he still has it >_< !!!!! Darian and my brother are in the city right now. They've booked 25 seats in a place called 'Daikoku'. It's a Japanese restaurant that my cousins used to work in. It's not very big, but it's alright. It's around the size of a cafe...why am I typing this crap!? I met a girl yesterday over ICQ. Her website is pretty good too. It's called Laterdayz!!! It's really cool!
~ Thursday, January 10, 2002
I was just going to come and say "YAY! The blog's fixed!" but I decided not to and yet I said it anyway @_@ ...so, like, Judy rang me like at 4pm and told me she was back so she's probably at home unpacking right now. I've been making blinkies for my friends because I just have no life. I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do! I've finished my site and I just need to wait for Steph to create an account. No rush! I've still got a headache. I've been organizing plans for Monday. We're all going to go watch a movie! I wanna watch Ocean's Eleven but it's really a group choice so I'm not totally sure! My friend said he was gonna ring today!!! LIAN!!! CALL ME RIGHT NOW!!! I still need to wait for other's to get their parent's permission. But right now I'm surely stuck with an all guys group o_0; AAAHHHH!!!!!! Judy and Krystel might be coming but besides that, there's no other girls left >_< Oh well!

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